Ryan M

 Ryan is about to start first grade. He is full of energy and loves life. He also loves to try new things. He has always had anxiety about the water but took swimming lessons this summer and is now swimming under water to his instructor. He likes baseball and plays t-ball.

Kindergarten started out rough for him as the other kids had a hard time understanding him. They would either give up trying to play with him or would just ignore him altogether. At the age of four, he was diagnosed with global apraxia with ADHD and anxiety. Over the past year, Ryan has started receiving some intensive speech therapy and he has made huge progess. However, insurance won't cover his therapy and the cost has become prohibitive for his family.

Ryan's confidence has increased a lot since he can now verbalize many of his wants and needs. He still needs to gain and master some sounds but still has a bit of work to do as he has not yet caught up to his peers.