Josiah is creative, imaginative, and mechanically minded. He loves to use real tools, especially screwdrivers, to take thing apart and put them back together. He often takes random items around the house and “builds” new things in unexpected ways. Recently he discovered that he could use Play-doh as an adhesive for wooden letters and he has hung them all over the walls of the house. He creates designs on the floors with masking tape and build circuits using snap circuits. He also has the gift of perfect pitch – he can name notes when he hears them. The ‘ding’ on the elevator is a “G” by the way!

At the age of 4, Josiah was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum, having a mixed expressive/receptive language delay, sensory processing disorder and behavior disorder. He struggles to communicate with adults and peers, play appropriately with children his age, express his emotions, and follow normal social cues. He needs consistency and doesn’t transition from one activity to another well. He also expresses negative emotions through aggressive behaviors.

Josiah has shown huge strides in pragmatic and conversation speech, his ability to express emotions, sensory integration and social confidence through his weekly therapies. They have maxed out the insurance allowance for therapies for this year.