Nathan G


Eight year old Nate is a very happy and content child who has five siblings, four of which were adopted as he was and most of which have some level of special needs. He has low vision and compensates by gravitating to anything that makes music or has lights.

Nate was placed with his adoptive family at birth as a foster child. His birth mom did not receive prenatal care and it was discovered quite early on that his brain hadn’t formed correctly. This condition is diagnosed as schizencephaly which is a rare disorder. As a result, he doesn’t talk nor does he walk without assistance. He also has septo-optic dysplasia, diabetes insipidus, and seizure disorder as well as being severely developmentally delayed.

Nate needs an adaptive bed! He has outgrown a crib and won’t stay in a traditional bed. His family has tried a couple of tents but he moves so much that he rips them apart. He has had to get stitches in his head as a result and is at risk for suffocation.

Adaptive Bed - $11,000