Sophia has a twin brother and a 3 year old sister. They all like to go to parks and the zoo together. They also like going to their cousin’s and their grandparent’s houses to play. Sophia grandparents also have a boat so they like to go boating with them.

Sophia has several diagnoses including DiGeorge Syndrome (also known as velocardiofacial syndrome or VCFS), Prader-Willi Syndrome, aortic insufficiency, and purulent otorrhea (drainage from the ear). Due to VCRS, Sophia has speech, fine motor, gross motor and cognitive delays. It also has contributed to chronic ear infections which have led to her having MRSA, tube replacements, and her adenoids removed. She has tested negative for Prader-Willi Syndrome but they are treating her for it as she has all the signs of it. As heart issues run in her father’s family, her aortic insufficiency is being watched at this time. Sophia also sees a psychologist for anxiety.

Sophia is going to need ongoing occupational, speech, and physical therapy.