Nine year old Alyssa was a 30 week preemie born via emergency C-section.  At birth she had bilateral grade 3 intraventricular hemorrhage resulting in the need to place a shunt.  She spent 5 months in the NICU on a ventilator during which time she als had a G-tube and tracheostomy placed.  At 6 months she was taken to St. Louis for a tongue reduction.  Then at nine months, while in the hospital for a shunt malfunction, she was diagnosed with stage 2-3 hepatoblastoma.  She had a liver resection and 5 months of chemotherapy.  At 18 months the trach was removed.  At age 4, Alyssa began having seizures and was diagnosed with complex partial seizure and absences seizures and eventually epilepsy.  And the final diagnosis added to all of these is cerebral palsy.

Alyssa is a fighter.  She does 3.5 hours of therapy each week.  Two of those hours are back to back physical therapy without stopping!  She calls her therapist her trainer and looks forward to her therapy each week.  Despite so many setbacks, she has a pacer, a wheelchair, crutches and other aids and she is able to switch between them and use them all with great ease.  She has even taken several independent steps on her own and has gotten her G-tube removed.

Alyssa has several siblings and her family has become a foster family to help other children in need.  One of the things they like to do is ride bikes together.  In addition to helping to strengthen Alyssa’s muscles, she will be able to ride bikes with her family and friends.

Adaptive Bike - $4000