Five and a half year old Beckett is energetic, outgoing, friendly, funny, smart, determined, caring and loving.  He enjoys going to school and makes friends easily.  He is very excited to become a big brother to a sister in August.  Beckett is very active and loves to play outside.  He likes to swim and he started soccer this fall.  Beckett is also very interested in cars, boats, bikes, sports, and balls.  He loves going out on his grandparent’s boat and on their golf cart at their camp in Brookville, IN. 

Beckett was diagnosed at birth with severe sensorineural bilateral hearing loss.  He received his first hearing aids at the age of 2 months.  He has received auditory/hearing, and physical therapy over the years and he has been attending Ohio Valley Voices since he was 6 months of age.  He currently wears hearing aids but will need a cochlear implant in the near future due to difficulty with auditory discrimination tasks and background noise present.

Beckett’s parents are so proud of all the hard work he has accomplished at Ohio Valley Voices.  He frequently meets goals and masters language milestones early the majority of the time.  His parents want to help him continue to succeed but cannot send him back to Ohio Valley Voices without help.

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