Six year old Gus was delivered at 29 weeks gestation by emergency c-section. He was diagnosed with PVL, peri-ventricular leukomalacia, during his 73 day NICU stay.  The PVL lead to an eventual cerebral palsy diagnosis.  Gus works very hard in his various therapies and continues to make progress.  He is currently working on holding an all 4’s position, pulling to a standing position, and weight bearing. 

Gus is a smart kid who just finished his kindergarten year.  He finished on the high honor roll and received a citizenship award.  He is also reading fluently.  He is kind, funny, caring and playful!  His current interests focus around all things PokemonPokemon Go, watching Pokemon, collecting stuffed Pokemon, and wearing his Pokemon shirts.  Gus loves to actively do just about anything with his friends and family including being outside, riding his adapted bike, blowing bubbles, swimming, going to Kings Island, visiting the zoo, and hanging out at Entertrainment Junction.  He is always very proud of himself when he masters something new.

Gus has to travel a fair amount to all of his therapies and his current van needs to be replaced.  His mom is disabled and she needs him to be able to ride his power chair into the van. The new van also provides the option for a 2nd wheelchair passenger to stay in her chair when mom needs it.  They have sold/promised their current van to someone else in need and are on a deadline to raise enough funds for the new vehicle.

Adaptive Van – $8250