Twelve year old Luke, born at 27 weeks, has been diagnosed with ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder which limits his ability to process and interact with the world around him.  He has executive functioning issues and receives support at school in reading, writing and math.  Luke also has a very difficult time making friends.

Luke is the oldest of 3 children and his younger siblings are 10 year old boy/girl twins.  He is an amazing person who values others and loves his family.  He loves to read, go swimming, go to Kings Island, and eat LaRosa’s Pizza.  Luke also loves to spend the night with his grandparents and play with his cousins.

For the past 2 years, Luke has been attending a traditional summer camp specially designed for children with sensory processing disorders and other related disorders.  He has shown to develop positive interactions and how to make friends.  They also work on executive functioning skills such as flexible thinking and the encourage him and help him to participate in every day life skills.

Luke will age out of Camp Odakota after this year and his parents believe he can make great strides again this year, especially being one of the oldest campers.

Camp Odakota – $3850