Four year old Mehr loves music and dance as well as horses and all animals in general.   She is also able to play hide-and-seek and loves playing soccer with her older brother.  Mehr talks in 2-3 word sentences and recognizes Mickey and Minnie.  Her recent and more important accomplishments was figuring out how to label mom, dad, and brother and now addressing them that way.

Mehr has struggled with daily seizures since the age of 3 months.  In 2014, her family moved to Cincinnati as the doctors in her hometown could not get her seizures controlled and Cincinnati Children’s was able to lay out a plan that started controlling the seizures.  She is significantly developmentally delayed but is gaining some speech and is starting to find some balance in walking and running.  She requires some behavioral help as she does deal with aggressive behavior.  Mehr also needs speech, physical and occupational therapy on a consistent, ongoing schedule.

Speech, physical and occupational therapy - $5500