Seven year old Suzanne absolutely loves going to school.  She also lights up when all of her family is together!!  She enjoys being outside playing ball with her brothers.  She is a very happy little girl who is proud of her ability to write, color and recognize letters.  She enjoys being around others despite not talking.  She tries very hard to communicate with her peers.

Suzanne was adopted at 14 months of age.  At that time she was malnourished, delayed, and labeled with failure to thrive.  In the six years since her adoption, she has overcome eye surgeries, cleft palate surgeries and gone through countless hours of therapy and special services.  She is finally growing and learning.  She learned to walk, run, eat, and feed herself.

At seven, she looks and seems like a three or four year old.  After all that she has conquered, her family will not give up hope that she will dome day learn to speak on her own as well.

PROMPT Speech Therapy - $5500