Four year old Trey was adopted at birth.  From one month old he began to not be able to tolerate any formula and quickly received a failure to thrive diagnosis, was found to have severe food allergies, and experienced eczema on much of his body.  Trey’ parents and doctors worked hard to help him and at around six months, he began to tolerate a specialized baby formula.  However, he still struggled to grow.  At age 18 months, he finally began to walk and was slowly gaining some weight.  When Trey was two, his parents started to notice sensory issues, unclear speech and his motor skills were delayed.

Trey loves his family which includes three siblings.  His 19 year old sister and he are great buddies.  He loves to read books and swing with her.  His 16 year old brother and he play cars together and wrestle.  Trey loves to run and play outside, go down slides, and take walks around the neighborhood with his 1½ year old sister.

Last year, Trey was able to go to a summer sensory learning program.  He benefited from program - he was calmer, more focused, able to organize his words. He played in a more organized way again. He communicated better and could draw a circle. His balance issues improved. However, he has started to regress in many of these areas and he would greatly benefit from another session this summer.

Sensory Learning Program – $2750