Seven year old Vedant loves to take rides and ride roller coasters as amusement parks.  Water parks are his favorite place to spend time during the summer as he absolutely loves being in water. Vedant can independently ride his bike without the training wheels, a feat many kids his age have not yet mastered.

At the age of 3, Vedant was diagnosed with Autism.  He is being treated for sensory integrations.  He also has a severe speech delay and is learning to use an assistive device for communication.  Vedant has extremely poor cognitive skills and has the mental development of a 12 month old child.  He has almost no self-help skills.  He has feeding difficulties because he is unable to chew solids properly and he generally gags while eating.  Vedant is vs a low functioning child on the Autism Spectrum and it has affected his overall quality of life socially, physically, and mentally.  Vedant’s social skills are very poor and he has an educational assistant with him at all times at school because he is unable to navigate a typical day on his own.

Vedant requires a lot of therapies, primarily speech and occupational.  This addresses his challenges around both sensory and communication concerns.

Speech and Occupational Therapy - $4950