Three year old Lucas loves to run, jump, play and explore.  He is a very happy little boy with a lot of energy and always wants to be on the go.  He loves Thomas the Train, as most boys do, and can often be found playing with his trains or watching his Thomas the Train videos.

Lucas was born with bilateral hearing loss due to Branchiootorenal (BOR) syndrome, a genetic condition that typically disrupts the development of tissues in the neck and causes malformations of the ears and kidneys. He has regular blood work to check his kidney function, has had constant ear infections, and has brachial cysts that will be removed when he gets older.  As an infant he had blocked tear ducts and had surgery to remove them.  Lucas has limited mobility with his left arm and has been in occupational therapy since he was an infant and he struggles with visual impairment and a speech and language delay.

Lucas’ single mother is profoundly deaf and she uses sign language to communicate so he does not get the oral training at home which will allow him to mainstream and to use all of his devices. The focus of the  Ohio Valley Voices (OVV) program is to help children develop their listening skills in order to ultimately allow the child to communicate verbally and appropriately within society.  When ready, Lucas will be able to transition and mainstream into his home school with his hearing peers.

Ohio Valley Voices is cost prohibitive for Lucas’ mom so she applies for many grants each year to make sure he gets the best possible education and therapy there.  She has received several but needs a little more help to pay the balance.

Ohio Valley Voices - $ 3300