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Six-year-old Austin is a very active, energetic and happy boy.  He loves to swim and is a great swimmer, recently earning his green band.  He also likes to organize his toys, watch movies, go for car rides, and the American flag!  Austin’s family loves fishing, being outdoors, and taking boat rides.


Austin was diagnosed with severe Autism at the age of 2½.  He is nonverbal and at a developmental age of approximately two years old.  He is very active, a runner (eloper), and he is always finding ways to escape his home and school.  He needs constant 1:1 supervision and has been pulled from school due to his elopement issues in order to keep him safe.


The request for Austin is for an inside-out privacy fence and special key pad locks that will keep him from escaping.  They currently have a 3-board fencing that Austin can climb.


Fence & Locks - $6380


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