Team Lillybug

Welcome to Team Lillybug!! We are back at it again! Another year at the Bubble Run!! 3rd year!!! Please come join Team Lillybug! Let’s help bring awareness to Apraxia!! 

Lillian started speech therapy at the age of 18 months. We had noticed she wasn’t speaking and only making sounds. She wasn’t saying mama or dada in the time she was needing to. As parents we knew something was up. At the age of 2.5/3 she was then diagnosed with Apraxia. 

Thank you to Building Blocks 4 Kids they were able to donate a communication device for Lillian. She has progressed so much in her communication. She continues to work hard to speak. She is bright, fun, loving, smart, child of ours. 

So join Team Lillybug so we can honor her and let her know how proud we are of all her hard work to find her voice. 

Every child deserves a voice. 

Thank you, 

Big Mama! Or Christine Robinson (😄) 

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