Shelly and Kyle's Fundraising Page


Please help us raise money for one of our favorite charities- WILDCOAST!

We have been personally involved with WILDCOAST through an amazing educational trip to Oaxaca and have been proud to participate in fundraising for the past few years.

The mission of conserving some of the world's most precious habitats is more important now than ever.

Please consider helping us support this amazing organization. I've include a little info below as well as a link so you can see the great work they've done in our local community and abroad.

Thank you for your help!!


WILDCOAST is an international group that conserves coastal and marine ecosystems and wildlife.


 WILDCOAST meets its conservation mission through:

·         Establishing public and private protected areas;

·         Implementing stewardship and management activities;

·         Building community conservation capacity;

·         Developing and advocating conservation policy; and

·         Carrying out communications campaigns.