"Because I Can"

Another Memorial Day is upon us, and I wanted to remind myself and all of you that it means more than BBQ, beer, and the beach.

As many of you know, for the last thirteen years, I have been involved with the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation in providing college scholarships and educational counseling to military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty.  From start-up researcher to Board Member, from supporting bit player to donor, and everything in between, I believe wholeheartedly in what the Foundation stands for.  Strong financial controls and low operating margins allow for maximum funding to go to the kids.  After aiding 400-plus students and giving almost $7 million in grants, our mission continues for many more years, as the average age of surviving child-dependents from recent conflicts is only about 10-years.

Today, I am NOT doing a bike, hike, walk, run, paddle, paint, fish, shoot, eat, drink, push or pull-a-thon (taking nothing from all of you who support equally worthy causes through those activities) – this is my “Because I Can” Campaign:

 -          Because I Can coach my son’s 9-year old little league team (again);

-          Because I Can watch my 5-year old dance her butt off in her Pre-K music recital;

-          Because I Can host twenty pyromaniacs (aka Cub Scouts) for a campout on the riverbank;

-          Because I Can let go of the bike seat and watch her realize she’s riding a two-wheeler;

-          Because I Can see the wonder in their eyes at the frogs, crayfish, butterflies and other critters they bring home almost daily;

-          Because I Can read (actually, recite) Pinkalicous and get busted when I change the words to be silly.

I CAN do all of these things, while the fathers of thousands of boys and girls, who lost their lives while wearing the uniform of our country, cannot. All are simple things that are often taken for granted.

For the fallen servicemembers - as fathers and mothers - who no longer get to say “Because I Can,” please take a moment to honor them today by being thankful for the little things.

I appreciate your support of Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation. 

Enjoy the Memorial Day Holiday.