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Thank you to all who generously support me as I raise funds for SoundWaters. I recently joined the Board, as I believe so strongly that climate education for our youth is imperative. Although I've known SoundWaters for decades, in the 7 short months I've been a Board member I've been blown away with the quality of education and the impact it's having on our children. I'VE learned so much...from how horseshoe crabs help our medical community (blue blood - look it up) to the power of learning the scientific method to solve many ecological and climate challenges. But the BEST part is seeing the looks on the faces of the children as they discover something about the Sound, the flora/fauna, the marine life...priceless!! Please either join us to paddle, or consider a donation to my team (or any of my Team SYC mates) so we can continue to provide this invaluable education to our youth. Thank you! 

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