Darien Boat Club Paddlers

Thanks for coming this far.  Darien Boat Club Paddlers are getting ready to paddle the waters of Long Island Sound to help protect the Sound. If you love the Sound the way we do, then you know we can all do our part to protect it, but by paddling in the Flotilla we're helping SoundWaters do a whole lot more: They teach over 32,000 students from all backgrounds about the Sound every year and it takes education on that scale to create a real impact.  Your donation will help them teach even more. The students they teach today will be the stewards of the Sound tomorrow.

We hope you can make a donation to support SoundWaters. Now more than ever we need to take action to protect our environment.

Thanks so much for your support.

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Meet the Team
Thomas Lochtefeld
David Humphrey
Vince DeLaurentis
Gerald Raasch
202 days ago
John Shutts
236 days ago
Mark Maybell
171 days ago
Lisa Washburn
199 days ago
Steven Wright
223 days ago
Timothy Bepler
217 days ago
Vince DeLaurentis
207 days ago
David Humphrey
207 days ago
Keith Kearney
230 days ago
David Gioiella
221 days ago
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