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4th Annual 100 Mile Hump

In January 2010, four combat vets got together and walked over 100 miles to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. They raised $8,000 and the 100 Mile Hump was born.  Since that date, there have been three additional 100 Mile Hump events in Arizona and Virginia, which raised an additional $24,000 plus for the Wounded Warrior Project in year two and year three.

Mark Finelli is the founder of the 100 Mile Hump. Mark has a unique perspective on the war and veterans affairs as he is the only 9.11 WTC survivor to enlist in the Marines and fight in Iraq. A familiar face on Fox News, here he is talking about the event on 9.11.11 Mark is currently a J.D. Candidate at the Liberty University School of Law in Lynchburg, VA. After creating and participating in the 100 Mile Hump in Arizona for two years, he is now participating in the second 100 Mile Hump in Virginia.

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