Team Whiting

Total amount in checks donated to the Wounded Warrior Project:

Dickinson Charities: $18,880.00  
        This amount was raised by Whiting Oil & Gas employees during a fall raffle. Thanks to the following vendors for donating the prizes:
                *Power Solutions LLC
                *Baranko Bros. Construction
                *JMac Resources
                *Titan Oilfield Service & MBI
        Thanks to all employees for selling and buying raffle tickets to support this great cause.

Robinson Lake Silent Auction: $1830.00
        Chris Grinstead:     $520
        John Ferguson:       $500
        Kenneth Krueger:   $350
        Barry Lee:              $310
        Adam Chappell:      $150
                Thanks for your generous support to this great cause.

North Dakota Petroleum Council Battle of the Bakken Blood Drive winner: $1000.00 to charity  

Total Raised


Funded: 100%
Dickinson Charities, Inc.
1508 days ago
North Dakota Petroleum Council
1695 days ago
Jamie Lee
1745 days ago
Kenneth Krueger
1745 days ago
Melissa Fevold
1745 days ago
John Ferguson
1745 days ago
C. Chappell
1745 days ago
Dickinson Charities, Inc.
1781 days ago
Dickinson Charities, Inc.
1781 days ago
Amy Baker
1848 days ago

Kroll's Diner Bismarck Marathon

PS Run/Walk/Bike/Swim
Location: Cottonwood Park, Bismarck, ND