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We completed our 9th year that Victorian House Open supported Wounded Warrior Project®! The 2015 Victorian House Open was an unbelievable success, raising $110,000 so far, which put our total donation over 9 years to $455,000!  That is an remarkable accomplishment for such a small group to achieve. But we can't stop now! We are ready to kick off our 10th season and it is more critical than ever for us to all continue that support. 

We lost a loyal supporter and friend this year Tom Gawl and he will forever be a part of our team and he will live on with us in the his giving spirt and in our hearts.

Thank you to all of our sponsors, donors and participants for your continued support! 


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The Victoria House Open
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The Victorian House Open
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9th Annual Victorian House Open
PS Golf Fundraiser
Location: Wallingford Country Club