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48 State Cross Country Motorcycle Benefit Run

Please help and or donate to the "Wounded Warriors Project" Below
Hope you enjoy some of the other lifetime events, travels and Cross Country charity runs on

This Cross Country Motorcycle Benefit Run send off Part;y Thur July 18 7PM Jugs-N-Stokers 1828 Sunrise Hwy, Merrick NY

The actual on the road to 48 + 2 Benefit Run Starts on Friday July 19th at 10:00 AM from
Jugs-N-Stokers 1828 Sunrise Highway, Merrick NY

First Stop: Wounded Warriors Project office in Manhattan than it's on to Albany, Montreal and beyond.

I plan to ride my usual ride higher speed Solo cross country touring but will welcome any fellow riders who might want to escort me through your regional area to make sure I'm safe enough to continue on my way.

I will be looking for local ideas and support where ever it can be found and I’m open to recommendations from all concerned and can be contacted at anytime either at or my cellular at (718) 753-2121.

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Cross Country Motorcycle Charity Run
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