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.ORG Foundation Runs MCM10K in Support of Injured Troops

.ORG Foundation is a small charitable organization founded by two (2) junior United States Marine Officers, Lt Emily Eckman and Lt Polycarpe Depe Kwate. The mission of the organization is to assist wounded US troops and their family by supporting organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project that are dedicated to the same cause and that have a larger outreach capability than we do. .ORG Foundation also has an individual service member program through which it provides direct support to wounded veterans. Lt Emily Eckman and Lt Polycarpe Depe Kwate signed up to participate in the 2012 Marine Corps Marathon 10K run scheduled to take place at the National Mall in Washington DC on Sunday October 28, 2012. Their objective is to raise $5000 for the Wounded Warrior Project by the date of the event.

The Wounded Warrior Project offers an array of programs and services designed to heal the wounded and provide veterans with tools for economic empowerment. These programs and services are free to veterans suffering from injuries, wounds or illnesses related to their military service and incurred on or after September 11, 2001.  Your generous support will ensure every deserving veteran has access to this proven program.

We are grateful for your support. You can make your donation here to support our fundraising effort for the Wounded Warrior Project. Our organization's website is coming soon and will be hosted at the following address:

Feel free to contact us at or calling 404.993.6979 if you have any inquiry.


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