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Few of us will face or live with the challenges inherited by our wounded veterans. The disabilities, the hardships, and the life-long physical and mental battles they wage every day, are the result of their service to us all, and now, they need ours.  My name is John Musser, and I'm a 26 year veteran, having served with the Navy, Marine Corps, and retired as an Army helicopter pilot.  On 26 September of this year, I have the privilege of turning 50 yrs old, and I will challenge myself physically, in order to give back to my service brothers and sisters carrying the scars of their duty in battle.  I hope to complete 2,500 repetitions of 50 exercises, in less than 5 hours.  50 repetitions, of 50 exercises with a 50 meter run between every exercise.  It's intended to be painful, difficult, exhausting, and a daunting challenge, but in contrast to the incredible similar demands of existence for our wounded heroes, it's insignificant.  What will make my effort worth anything at all, is your confidence and support.  A donation of as little as 1 penny per rep would equal 25.00 to the Wounded Warrior Project, and count you among the Americans standing shoulder to shoulder with the combat disabled sons and daughters of your nation.  I'm asking you to serve your veterans, the way they swore to serve you.  Please commit to a monetary sacrifice towards my physical one, so that together we can extend our arms as a nation in providing the necessary care and assistance that eases the burden on the wounded veteran.  Take some time to explore the stories of veteran's and the accomplishments of the Wounded Warrior Project, and know that your donation will help a veteran adjust to his/her new and challenging life.

Special thanks to Jim and Diana Koske at CrossfitOP, for their support of this effort and of our active and veteran military.  "Wreck us, as from the wreckage we rise stronger".

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