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A “Ruck to Remember” is a fund-raising event that will stretch over 500 miles. The purpose of this march will be to raise awareness and money for the Wounded Warrior Project. The plan is to leave from Knoxville Tennessee’s veterans Memorial on May 7th and arrive at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day, May 28th. Again all money raised will be in support of the Wounded Warrior Project.  This march will pay homage to those that paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country; however, we must also remember our wounded veterans as well. The popular phrase “all gave some, some gave all” applies. For those that come home from war with severe wounds still need our countries commitment. The goal is to raise money and to continue the support for our wounded warriors. I strongly encourage that all come out and support us on this march as we pass through your town. Cheers and encouragement will be needed as we intend to march 15-21 miles a day. We will be staying in motels, parks, and  the hospitality of strangers.


David McCollum Jr.

SSgt. USMC (Ret.)

This is a map of the route we will be taking

 A "Ruck to Remember" slowly grew out of a few war buddies going on weekend camping trips talking over a fire, trading stories and as the nights would wear on the conversation would drift towards remembering those that didnt make it home. We wanted a way to honor their sacrafice, but at the same time help out our wounded veterans. What better way than a "ruck!" 
     A ruck sack refers to the pack a serviceman carries on his back and a ruck march refers to carrying that pack on an organized foot march. Obviously saying that can be a little wordy and over time it was simplified to "ruck march."

      At first we thought, lets do a ruck sack run around Knoxville to raise awarness and money for the Wounded Warrior Project, but we felt that wasn't big enough. Then someone mentioned Forest Gump, and there it was, the inspiration. 

     Next thing you know, we were looking at a map trying to plan our route from Knoxville to D.C. We are hoping to cover between 15-20 miles a day walking along side the highway. 

    If you see a bunch of guys walking down the highway honk a horn, say hi, drop off some water, and if your a veteran join us, even if you can't walk the whole route, walk a section and join in on the comaraderie. I am sure that over the 18-21 day hike there will be a lot of stories told over a lot of campfires.
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