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Don Heeringa loves to go fast - crazy fast, in fact, he came within a fraction of setting a new speed record for his class at last year's Bonneville Salt Flats Speed Week. His 1991 ZR1 Corvette traveled 5 miles in just 96 seconds: that's 205 miles per hour! Speed Week is an annual event at Bonneville where dedicated car enthusiasts like Don compete against the clock to break speed records in their vehicle class.

This year Don was back at Bonneville with a purpose. He wanted to set a new record and took the opportunity to promote a cause close to his heart, the Wounded Warrior Project. As a veteran himself, he had looked for a way to support our homecoming troops who have tremendous and life-changing injuries. After discussing different options, it was actually his wife, Jodi, who came up with the Bonneville idea.  Helping those who help us makes a lot of sense!

We've passed our donation goal!!!   Thank you to those who have donated online!   And thanks to those who have written checks for the cause, too!  We have $5,850 in checks -- taking us well over our goal of $10,000!   This includes:

James Reed                              $50

Merrill Taylor                            $50

Carol Stroop                              $100

Harry & Cynthia Armstrong        $100

Barbara Johnson                        $100

Mary & Dan George                    $100

Jan Kenniston                            $100

Rod & Karen Klingenberg            $100

Bob & Sue Bladek                       $100

David Vanderkam                       $100

David & Mary Shellenbarger        $150

Steve & Nancy Berry                   $200

Garry & Claire Krouse                 $500

Jane & Bruce Patterson               $500

Jim Heeringa                              $200

Leonard & Susan Morrissey          $250

Fred & Rosemary Sotok               $250

Robert Sterken                           $200

Judith A. Ragains                        $50

John & Judith Spoelhof               $250

Hale Curtis                                 $150

Arthur Curtis III                           $150

Jim & Donna Brooks                    $100

Lumberman's                             $1,000

Shape Corporation                     $1,000


Thank you for helping Don reach his goal!

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