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We're all getting together to knock out 1,000 miles of running in order to support our brothers and sisters in arms, via the Wounded Warriors Project. 1,000 miles on your feet is no easy task, however we have 12 months to do it and can be done as a collaborative effort with 1-5 person teams.

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Tracking your miles: If you have a Garmin-type tracker or Nikeid thats great, however a simple written/typed log of your miles, to include dates, will be perfectly fine.

Teams: If you want to set up a team thats awesome! Teams can be from1-5 persons. Team members do not have to be geographically co-located either. (i.e. if you and a buddy from across the world want to be on a team, go for it, just track and combine your miles).

Welcomed Donations: We welcome your generous donations that will not only motivate participates to keep going, but most importantly will support our wounded warriors.

Cost: Cost is $20 per participant. You can pay your participation fee by donating below.


* Team Awesome: Carmeline Morris, Elvira Panico, Eleanor Panico, Mark Flemming
* Team Runteldat: Cynthia Niles, Roland Smith, Angel Bautista, Theresa Anderson, Jesse Solano ==15 July; 60.5 miles===
* Team Witness the Fitness (aka: WTF): Natasha Owens, Rosy Montes, Steve Montes, Keith Owens
* Team Engle Nation: Garry Engle, Amber Engle, Josh Engle ==; 79 miles==
* Team BFD: Illenia and Jeremy Diehl ==01 Aug; 86.5 miles==
* Team Slackers: Raquel Chizek, Lauraly Wyatt, Jason Medaris
* Team Grey: Gisela Williams, Alexandra Pinzone, Douglas Maceiko, Alison Gonzales==01 Apr; 415 miles==
* Team Street: Rance Street, Brian Acosta, Ryan McGahan, Gayle McGahan, Matt Winger===01 May; 724.9 miles===
* Team Grand Adventure: Eric Welsh, Alivia Bowen, Lisa Robbins, Rachel Taylor, Justin Taylor ==15 May; 869 miles===
* Team WA-VA-IT: Michelle Fargan, Anne Mak, Nichell Sauls
* Team Tree Bizzle for President: Alicia Audi, Johann Holter-Mehren, Athena Holter-Mehren, Tree Bizzle, Nick Bowers==01 May; 1067.87miles==
* Team Pumped Up Kicks: Lori Encke, Mari Acree, Max Acree, Jessica Goodman, Caitlin Johnson==01 Dec; 654.29 miles==
* Matthew Morris==15 May; 510.8 miles==
* Jason Johnson==01 Dec; 348 miles==
* Andrew Atanasoff
* Kate Atanasoff
* John Packard
* Cassandra Tiggs
* Dominic Neusbaum
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