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Barrett's Therapy

Three-year-old Barrett is a twin who was delivered about 8 weeks prematurely and they also have a 6 year old brother. As a family they love to attend Buckeye games, go to the zoo, travel, swim, and make new friends. 

All three boys are named after Ohio State Buckeye Football players. Ironically, Barrett and Elliott will not have the opportunity to live up to their namesakes.  They were both born with a rare bleeding disorder called hemophilia which limits their ability to participate in contact sports in the future.  There are only about 15 sets of twins worldwide that both have this condition.

Barrett, nicknamed Baby Bear, is a kindhearted social butterfly.  He has an infectious smile and loves anything to do with being outside.  Playing on the swings, climbing anything he can, and playing with his brothers are some of his favorite activities.    

Barrett recently had a very intense surgery which is requiring very intense rehabilitative physical therapy 3-5 days a week and all physical therapy has to be modified to meet his needs.  Much of this cost is out of pocket and quite expensive.

Barrett is currently the only patient at CCHMC with both hemophilia and cerebral palsy and has helped create the path for anyone who follows in his footsteps.  He’s a warrior and his family’s hero.

Physical Therapy - $ 5000

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