Ten year old Brandon is an easy going boy who loves to go outside.  He likes to be around others, especially babies.  At age 4, he began to take his first steps.  Brandon likes to be involved in activities at school, especially with arts and crafts.  He does, however, have separation anxiety from his mom which does cause some challenges.​

Brandon was diagnosed at birth with Joubert Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder characterized by decreased muscle tone, difficulties with coordination, abnormal eye movements, abnormal breathing patterns and intellectual disability.  These issues are due to abnormal brain development resulting in decreased size of the cerebellar vermis and other brain abnormalities.​

Brandon’s request is for a special chair that will help with his orthopedic issues, a bike that will help him with large motor skills and exercise and help with displacement costs for he and his family to attend the Joubert Syndrome conference which will allow them to connect with special doctors and other families.​


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