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Cameron's Fence

Seven-year-old Cameron is the youngest of 3 children and he has 2 dogs named Mardy and Ollie.  He loves to swim, play outside, and go for walks. His favorite place to go is Jungle Jims!  Cameron is doing so well as he is finally talking and now talks all the time.  He loves music and rides a hover board like a rock star!

Cameron was a typically developing baby and met all of his milestones on time. At 18 months, he regressed and stopped talking and making eye contact.  He was diagnosed just after his 2nd birthday with Autism, ADHD and Global Developmental Delay.  He was non-verbal for a long time but through lots of therapy, he is finally talking, though it is not conversational.

Cameron’s family is asking for a tall, privacy type fence to help keep him safe in their back yard, which he loves to play in.  However, he gets distracted by the neighbor’s pool and constantly tries to climb the current fence.

Fence - $ 7500

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