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Six-year-old Charlotte is the happiest child ever and her smile melts everyone’s hearts.  She loves driving her Powerwheel vehicle, playing Go-Fish, riding the bus and going to school.  She gets sad on the weekend when there is no kindergarten.  She and her four-year-old little sister, Lillie, are best buddies.  Because of Charlotte’s struggles, both girls have gained so much compassion and empathy towards others.

Shortly after Charlotte was born, her parents noticed that the shape of her head didn’t seem quite right.  After 6 months of unnecessary helmet therapy for plagiocephaly, it was discovered that she actually had craniosynostosis.  She underwent cranio vault reconstruction at 11 months of age.  During that first year and until she was 4, she was in physical therapy for gross motor delays and at age 2, she started speech and occupational therapy.  At the age of 3, it was discovered that she had apraxia of speech, a speech disorder in which a child’s brain has difficulty coordinating the complex oral movements needed to create sounds, along with Global Developmental Delays.

Research shows that children with severe apraxia need therapy four to five times per week in order to make any significant gains.  Charlotte is currently seeing two therapists and she needs this intensive amount of therapy in order to improve her ability to talk and communicate with those around her.

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