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Hannah's New Shower

Six-year-old Hannah loves animals!  She enjoys caring for her dogs, guinea pigs, and birds.  She also enjoys laying on the floor watching her fish.  She has a big sister, Alexis who loves her dearly. 

Hannah was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth.  She has since been diagnosed with congenital heart defects as well.  In addition, she suffers from chronic ear infections, gastroparesis (paralyzed stomach), and obstructive sleep apnea. At the age of 1½, Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder were added to her diagnoses.  She is nonverbal and requires significant support with everyday life skills.

Hannah is terrified of being submerged in the bathtub, regardless of the water depth).  It is such a nightmare for her that it often causes meltdowns and vomiting.  A remodel of the tub to a shower insert will help her feel safer and more secure.

Bathtub/Shower Remodel - $7500

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