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Three and a half year old Joey is the youngest of 8 children and a member of a very busy and loving family.  He loves to play trucks and any kind of ball with his siblings.  Joey likes animals, nature and being outside.  He also loves to attend his older siblings’ sports events and is always up for a trip to the park.

At the age of 3, Joey was diagnosed with Apraxia of Speech.  His expressive communication level is at about 14-18 months.  He is unable to communicate his basic needs and desires and he often gets frustrated when people don’t understand him.  Joey has a functional vocabulary of about 10 words and 10 other approximations.  He uses some sign and lots of gestures.  In social settings with peers, he often shuts down, hides, or cries because he is unable to participate with other children.

After just a couple of weeks in PROMPT speech therapy, Joey was able to say the word “me,” a word he had been working on for 6 months in traditional speech therapy. 

PROMPT Speech Therapy – $ 5500