Five year old Kate has two older brothers that she adores and always has to be near.  She loves to swim, jump on the trampoline, dance, listen to music, EAT, and watch TV.  Her most favorite TV show is Vampirina with Minnie Mouse a close second.

Kate is very happy and social.  She will go up to people, especially strangers, and just smile at them!  She doesn’t typically say ‘hi’ but will give high fives.  Kate especially loves babies and puppies.

Kate developed typically until around the age of two.  Her parents first noticed a speech delay then reduced function of her hands and then hands constantly in her mouth.  At the age of 3, she had a very noticeable developmental delay and poor communication but was still a very active, happy girl.  After genetic testing, Rett Syndrome was confirmed.  Kate works on communication goals daily and continues to struggle with functional use of her hands.  She doesn’t play typically and her parents assist her in all aspects of her life.  She is very delayed and she is similar to a one year old with regards to her care.

Kate cannot currently communicate her wants and needs.  She doesn’t have functional use of her hands which makes an iPad difficult.  However, she has been very successful when she has tried eye gaze devices and was able to communicate, “I want to watch Vampirina.”

Tobii Dynavox Communication Device and Eye Gaze Software – $15,330

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Goal: $15,330.00