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Eight year old Kinjal loves to hang out with other kids even though he is not able to communicate with them very well.  He is mostly happy at school but once he gets home, he tends to break down, probably from the frustration of not being able to communicate all day.  Kinjal loves to travel and eat fast food.  He is good at piano and swimming.  He loves to participate in any game but is not able to succeed due to poor concentration and lack of communication.  ​

Kinjal was born seemingly healthy without any known issues.  His early childhood growth seemed to be normal.  At his 3rd yearly checkup, his pediatrician recommended Help Me Grow. Then his preschool teacher picked up on some speech and behavioral issues leading him to be diagnosed at age 4 with autism and several other delays.  Kinjal is lacking in social language skills, coordination, and has anxiety and behavioral issues.​

Kinjal has an opportunity to participate in a social skills group combining speech and occupational therapy.  Most of his issues arise from his lack of social skills and poor coordination which leads to his anxiety and behaviors. It is hoped that this therapy will helpe him return to mainstream school.​


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