Three year old Lilly loves Mickey and Minnie and the gang as well as Paw Patrol.  In fact, she loves about any show with animals.  Her family has 2 dogs (a yorkie mix and a standard poodle).  Lilly and the poodle (Jessie) are best friends.  Lilly’s other likes include play dough, puzzles, YouTube for Kids, and playing outside – especially with bubbles.

Lilly was born with an incomplete cleft lip on the left side.  She had it repaired at the age of four months.  She started speech therapy at 18 months of age and was then diagnosed in November 2017 with Chromosome 1 Duplication.  Lilly has continued to be non-verbal since she was 18 months and started therapy.  She only makes sounds with the exception of “mama, dada, nan nan (her grandma) and ice.”  More recently she had an MRI done and it found a couple of things but they have not yet seen the neurologist for results.

Lilly’s has not made any progress with speech therapy but there has been some progress with other forms of communication.  Therefore, she has been through an evaluation to determine which device and program would be the most beneficial for her.  That evaluation brought for the recommendation for a ComLink Proslate 10D device with Proloquo2Go software and her parent’s insurance has denied the request to cover any portion of the cost.

Communication Device and Software:  $7,000