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Fourteen-year-old Malia loves her service dog Google!  She enjoys dancing on the Star Performance Centre’s Superstars Team.  She plays TOP Soccer and loves watching videos on her iPad.

Malia adores her school and her classmates.  Her work with the life skills lessons have make her a natural at sales.  She sells dog bones, brownies and other treats to the Mason Middle School staff.

Malia’s hearing loss and lack of motor ability was discovered around the age of 2 years.  Apraxia of speech was diagnosed at age 5 and cerebral palsy at age 7.  Since she received her cerebral palsy diagnosis, Malia has lost gross motor ability and independence walking. 

Malia uses a wheelchair for long distances but is able to walk shorter distances.  She has the potential to be more independent in her home with new steps outside her back door and a railing for her to hold onto while going up and down those steps.  The current steps are too steep and provide an increased risk of injury for both Malia and whoever is supporting her on those stairs.

Home Modification of Stairs - $3500

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