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Five-year-old Maylee enjoys school, the alphabet, swimming and gymnastics.  She also likes to sing and play dress up.  In the winter when staying home a lot, she enjoys arts and crafts.  When it is warm outside, amusement parks are her thing.

Maylee was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2.  She and her mom moved to Cincinnati to give her access to ABA therapy which was not offered near their home in Adams County.  After a consistent year and a half in ABA therapy, they moved back to Adams County to be closer to family.  Maylee was recently re-evaluated, and ABA is no longer recommended but continued speech and occupational therapy are still strongly encouraged.

Maylee has made a lot of progress with consistent therapy.  When she was first diagnosed, it was severe autism.  Now she is at a moderate level.  Doctors believe that with continued therapy, her autism will be mild and she will need minimal support.

Speech and Occupational Therapy - $5000

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