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Four-year-old Myles is very creative and has a great sense of humor.  His big dream in life is to grow up to be a mailman.  He enjoys playing with dinosaurs and any sort of truck.  He loves to read books.  Myles is also the proud big brother of 2½ year old Charlie.

Myles was born at 30 weeks.  At 2 weeks of age, while he was growing in the nursery, he contracted RSV which was almost deadly for him.  He ended up on complete heart/lung bypass to save his life which then caused him to suffer a stroke and begin having seizures.  After 5 months, he finally got to go home but carried the following diagnoses with him:  cerebral palsy, global developmental delay, epilepsy, chronic lung disease and a chest wall deformity.  He is mostly weak on the right side of his body.

Myles has overcome a lot of odds.  His parents were originally told he may never be off oxygen, never feed himself, walk, or talk.  He is very stubborn though and wants to be as independent as possible.  One of his favorite phrases is “I do it myself!”

Myles parents believe that a 3 week intensive therapy called Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) will help encourage movement and strength of his right arm.  Part of this therapy includes casting his of his good arm to encourage use of his weak one.

Constraint Induced Movement Therapy - $5000

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