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Tharun's Therapy & Communication Device

Twelve-year-old Tharun is good at singing, even in different languages.  He loves swimming, skating, yoga and physical activities.  Tharun is interested in playing both basketball and football.

Tharun’s parents didn’t notice any issues in his firs 18 months.  At the age of 2 years, he was diagnosed with Autism.  He received treatment and medication until the age of 5½ years.  From 2015 until late 2020, he continued recommended therapies and treatment but that all stopped with the pandemic.  It wasn’t long before he started showing physical aggression which continues even now.

His request is for his therapy sessions and a communication device that will allow him to communicate with those around him and therefore, help reduce his frustration and aggressiveness.

Communication Device - $5735          ABA Therapy - $2500

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