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Zeke needs therapy

Ten-year-old Zeke loves Pokemon and any sport he can play in the backyard.  He played soccer last fall and his team made it all the way to the State Championship tournament.

Zeke’s speech has always been very delayed.  At the age of two, he was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech.  He worked with Help Me Grow until he was three and went to preschool where he received therapy through his IEP.  He tried speech therapy at Dayton Children’s but it was not successful.  More recently, Zeke began showing interest in speaking more and has begun working with a new speech therapist.  He has made a lot of great progress with her over the past few months. 

With Zeke’s improvements in speech and being able to talk more with his brother and friends, he is less frustrated and his confidence, which is very low because of his speech struggles, is getting much better.

Zeke would like to continue to receive his speech therapy, but the cost is overwhelming for his mom.

Speech Therapy - $5000

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