Nine year old Adam loves to ride his bike!!  He once struggled with low muscle tone, incoordination, and balance but through much therapy, he now cruises up and down the street on his 2-wheeler!  Adam also loves to play outside with his 6 year old sister.  They play, swing, climb and dig in the dirt for hours happily together. 

Adam is also a cub scout and he likes all scouting events, especially campouts with campfires and smores.  He even had the fastest car in the Pinewood Derby last year.

Adam was born with 22Q11.2 deletion syndrome.  He had trouble feeding and gaining weight immediately.  He had open heart surgery at 5 months old and started occupational, physical and speech therapies all before his 1st birthday.  Through a lot of hard work, he learned to swallow his food safely and met all of his milestones a bit later than his peers and with a lot of effort.

After two major palate surgeries, Adam said his first word at the age of 6.  He utilized sign language from the age of 2 in order to communicate.  It has just been in this past year that he has begun to speak as his primary mode of communication.  His hard work in day after day therapy has allowed him to make this progress.

Adam is now in 2nd grade in a typical classroom and has made several friends.  However, he still has work to do, especially with his speech therapy which is not covered by insurance.

PROMPT Speech Therapy - $3000