Two year old Brooklyn lights up every room she walks into!  She loves to laugh and make others laugh.  She enjoys being active and loves her gymnastics class.  Brooklyn is so friendly, outgoing and funny.  She truly doesn’t know a stranger.  She also loves pets and might possibly hold a world record for number of dogs petted.

Brooklyn was placed into foster care at the age of 5 days with parents who had only been licensed for 4 days.  Those parents officially adopted her in April of 2018 and consider the whole experience to be a “true miracle.” 

Brooklyn was born with congenital CMV contracted through her biological mother.  This was discovered after failing her newborn hearing screen.  Her mom took her to get her hearing retested which resulted in an MRI that showed brain damage from CMV.  She had no hearing on her right side and a slight loss on her left.  The hearing on her left side continued to decrease and she was implanted in March of 2018 with bilateral cochlear implants.

Brooklyn’s parents want her to have spoken language as her primary mode of communication so they have enrolled her at Ohio Valley Voices.  This program enables her to receive an amazing amount of speech therapy every day in order to equip her to be a verbal child and to mainstream into her neighborhood school by the age of 8 years old.

Tuition for Ohio Valley Voices - $3000