Three and a half year old Camden loves to be silly and playful.  He is a very sweet and funny kids whose favorite thing to do is to walk up to people and tickle them!  He also loves to scare people with his fake snake or spiders.  Camden is also full of love and likes giving and receiving hugs and kisses.  His mom can call his name 20 times to get his attention or get him to do something but as soon as she asks for a kiss, he comes running.  Camden likes wrestling with his dad and brother but as soon as mom gets involved, he instantly lets everyone know that is not ok and he doesn’t like it.

Camden was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Integration Disorder, and speech delay at the age of 2.  He struggles with both expressive and receptive communication. He does not have spontaneous communication or understanding of what is being said to him, cannot follow direction or perform simple day-to-day tasks, has meltdowns and behavioral outbursts that are hard to control, runs away from adult figures in public, and gets aggressive when frustrated while playing with others.  Camden began walking at the age of 19 months but is still unstable on his feet.

Camden has done especially well in a special Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) preschool program.  ABA is the application of basic behavioral practices (positive reinforcement, teaching in small steps, prompting, and repeated practice) to facilitate the development of language, social interactions, independent living skills, and other aptitudes.  His communication skills have increased, his aggression has decreased, and he has become much more patient.  Continuing in this program will be a huge benefit for Camden and to his family.

ABA Therapy – $3000

Total Raised


Funded: 0%
Goal: $3,000.00