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Twelve year old Cheyanne was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at the age of 10 years.  Crohn’s is a chronic inflammation of the large and small intestine which causes her to have abdominal cramping and pain.  When she first started treatment, Cheyanne was fatigued and malnourished.  Even with treatment, she still experiences a fair amount of abdominal pain.

Cheyanne goes to a private school with only 3 students in her sixth grade class.  She is part of an Elite Dance Competition group which travels quite frequently to places such as Cleveland, New York City, and Gatlinburg.  In July, she will even get to perform on the Carnival Cruise Ship, Paradise.  Cheyanne wants to be a dancer when she grows up but her fall back plan is to become a nurse and work with babies.  She is a straight A student and is already putting a lot of thought into college.

Cheyanne and her family must travel 400 miles round-trip 12-14 times per year to see the GI specialists at Cincinnati and sometimes needs to stay overnight.  Her parents need help with gas, food and displacement costs related to that travel schedule.

Displacement Costs:  $3000
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