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Twelve-year-old Damon is a very energetic young man who loves jumping, running, and 
swinging.  He also likes letters, numbers, and shapes.

Damon was diagnosed at the age of 2 with Autism and he has significant sensory processing difficulties that affect all areas of his life.  He does not recognize dangers around him and is a “flight risk” at all times.  Damon’s vestibular system and proprioceptive system are under-responsive.  This means that he requires much more input than others when dealing with where his body is in space, how information is gained through muscles and joints and regulating balance through movement.  He gains knowledge and in put in these areas by running and jumping throughout his environment.  A fenced-in yard, that he cannot climb and escape from, will provide a place for Damon to freely meet his needs while staying safe.

Fence - $7000

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