Nine year old Danielle loves American Girl, Barbie, Disney and MineCraft.  She is in the 3rd grade and likes to hang out with her friends doing crafts and creating things with playdough.  She also loves her two dogs!!

In May of 2016, when Danielle was 7 years old, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor after experiencing many headaches.  She had a shunt placed and doctors did a biopsy through her skull which left her in the ICU for 8 days.  She had to relearn how to walk and talk and spent 24 days in the hospital in rehab and therapy.  They were able to remove a small portion of the tumor but could not remove it all without doing even more damage.  Danielle was doing chemo from October 2016 – April 2017 but the tumor continued to grow.  She is now on a chemo pill and the tumor has stopped growing.

Danielle needs ongoing therapy and care to keep the tumor under control. 

Therapy and cancer related expenses - $5000