Two year old Elise is a very happy and active little girl.  She loves playing with her toys, going outside, taking walks in the stroller, and looking at her books.  She also loves Mickey & Minnie Mouse.  She and her mom often do fun family activities with her grandparents and 8 year old cousin, all of whom Elise is very close.  They all like to go to the zoo, the park and swimming.

Elise has been diagnosed with Failure to Thrive and Sensory Processing Disorder.  She has had acid reflux since birth and takes omeprazole to treat it.  She started eating baby food but then became more picky over a few months to where she just wanted to nurse.  She has had a feeding evaluation and an upper endoscopy which all came back normal.  However, she appears to have some difficulties with the chewing and swallowing concept as well as an issue with texture.

Elise has been working with an occupational therapist for several months and needs to continue working  with her and other therapists to get her eating as she should.  She is also working with the feeding team at Cincinnati Children’s.

Occupational and Speech Therapy – $5000

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Goal: $5,000.00