Three year old Jett is the most charismatic and loveable kid you have ever met.  He loves playing on the playground, swimming, his iPad and his two cousins.  Jett has been modeled and been photographed for a large grocery store’s diaper/baby product line.  You can see his good nature in his pictures.  He also  loves the beach and going to Disney.

Jett had started to gain a few words around 15 months but progress stopped and regressed.  At 18 months, his mom noticed that his vocabulary was not growing.  At that time he received a diagnosis of mixed expressive/language disorder and began attending speech therapy.  With less than 20 words at his 2 year check-up, his parents decided to have him tested for Autism and their concerns were confirmed.

Jett needs to continue with occupational, speech and ABA (behavioral) therapies but his insurance will only pay for 20 therapy visits overall. 

ABA, Occupational & Speech Therapies - $5000